Flip Cup \ Strip Flip Cup Requirements:
A minimum of six players (less than six isn’t as fun) one cup for each player.
Flip Cup \ Strip Flip Cup Game play:
Two teams of three are selected, standing accross from each other at a table (preferably long). Fill all the cups approximately half way with “fluids”. The starting end of the table is decided between the teams. Thus each team constitutes: Lead off, middle-man, and Anchor. The start of the game is up to you…counting to three works, but feel free to be creative. First players from each team proceed to consume their beverages…upon completion, they position their cups on the edge of the table. Proceed to “flip” the cup (at least 360 degrees) so that it lands straight up or down. (its easier than you think, just takes practice.) If a player misses, proceed to retrieve the cup and try again. Once the “flip”is achieved…pass the cup to the next player in line. That player proceeds to consume, and the cycle continues, until the last player in line completes their “flip”. This scores the team one point, and the other team has to finish their beverages, no matter where they are in line. Preset what score you are intending to play til before hand. A good game is to 15…win by two!!! Official Game of the Beer Olympics
You can always convert Flip Cup to play Strip Flip Cup!