(4 people minimum and everyone at the table plays) (Table required) (Own Choice of alcoholic refreshment) Everyone sits around a table and places their left hand on the table. With your right hand, place it over and to the right of the person to your right’s left hand. All hands are now on the table and must stay on the table. Starting the Game: Every game starts in a clockwise direction. One person starts with a single tap on the table, either with their left or right hand. In a clockwise direction the next hand must tap the table… and so forth. Rules are simple: 1. A Double tap changes the direction. 2. International Drinking rules apply. ie. Buffallo rule, Can’t address a person by their name, no pointing, no cussing, no use of the word “DRINK”. 3. Hesitation Rule of 2 seconds apply. Anyone in breach of these rules must consume. Last person to stop the game starts the new game.