New Asshole

Okay, it’s basicly the same as asshole but instead of lookin at you cards you just deal out and dealer goes first but 2 and 3 are wild cards. 4 is chicks have to drink. 5 is a social. 6 is guys have to drink. 7 is a catagory (like types of cars trees sex etc, the person who dont no has to drink). 8 is a social. 9 is a waterfall (waterfall is whoever throws the waterfall card drinks and however he or she drinks everyone else must drink that much so if you bong a beer everyone else has 2 also). 10 is a question (question works by asking question and the person you ask has to ask anohter question the first person who dont answer with a question of somesort drinks).jack is a rule card so who throws jack gets to make rule . queen is a question .king is rule. ace is another waterfall. play acoupla hands of this with plety of beer and drinks and have fun switch up the cards as far as wat there labled but its fun